Man goes viral after proudly proclaiming why he doesn’t help his wife with kids or chores(video)

Father of four J.R. Minton declines to help with housework, washing, or kid care.

In a recent TikTok video, Texas UPS driver J.R. Minton truly delivered.

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"My wife cooks, and I don't help." In his now-viral video, 32-year-old Minton said, "I don't help her clean, do laundry, take care of the kids— none of that."

You might wonder, why?

"Because I carry out my responsibilities as a husband and father," Minton said. "I clean, cook, and do laundry." I look after the children. I am responsible for those tasks as well, therefore I can't just 'assist' my wife with them.

You're not alone if Minton briefly captured your attention.

One individual remarked, "**Deletes paragraph," alluding to the irate reply they intended to make on his page.

added one more, "I was prepared for combat."

Of course, ladies who wished their boyfriends thought the same way as Minton did showered him with appreciation as well.

"Had to tell my husband to stop saying, '... for your mother,' to the kids," a tired mother wrote. Do the dishes for me, please? Nope. They belong to all of them.

Another woman mentioned that she is unable to even get her partner to flush the loo.

Minton and his spouse, Brittany, divide all household duties and have four small children, aged one to seven.

As Minton tells, "pretty much everything about my parenting style is in spite of what I saw when I was growing up." He is adamant on doing things differently.

Minton remembers being accosted by a fellow customer for completing what he refers to as "the bare minimum" during a recent trip to Target.

"This woman approaches Brittany and says, 'Oh my God,' as I was pushing two children in the cart and wearing the infant. Is this man your spouse? Examine him. "You ought to snap a photo of him," Minton remarks. I receive a lot of praise for accomplishing nothing. The bar is how low?

Brittany's pals are often telling her how fortunate she is to be married to Minton when she goes out with them.

Brittany tells, "They say all kinds of things, like 'Girl, you must be in good with the big guy because he sent you an amazing husband.'"

With almost 6 million views on his TikTok video, Minton hopes that more guys will find it.

"We are not supporting our spouses, nor are we watching our children. That mindset needs to shift," he asserts. "It's time to mature."
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