Massachusetts Trooper Saves Baby Deer from Busy Highway(photo)

Listen in intently as this heartwarming, locally inspired narrative will make you feel all warm and fuzzy.

According to a Facebook post on the Massachusetts State Police Facebook page, State Police Trooper Timothy Martin of Northampton Barracks, Massachusetts, was finished with his day shift and was about to travel home on I-91 South in Holyoke.

However, the trip wasn't peaceful or easy because he was abruptly drawn to a large traffic bottleneck. The Ttooper looked into what was happening as a result of this.

He was shocked to see that a small newborn deer, just a week or so old, was abandoned and stuck in the middle of the road, as the Facebook post mentioned. A number of worried drivers had collected to attempt to tame the terrified animal.

Like all superheroes, Trooper Martin realized that something had to be done about the problem and he acted quickly. The state police said that he quickly made his way to the head of the traffic.

But keep in mind that this is I-91, and the risk posed by the fast-moving cars may have been a significant issue.

As an aside, Trooper Martin has remarkable athleticism. According to the Facebook post, he was formerly the dodgeball team captain and adored Tyquan Thornton, the wide receiver for the New England Patriots.

Thus, he took on the physical attributes of his favorite athlete and created a barrier of protection to keep the fawn from running into oncoming traffic.

According to the cops, he moved quickly and was successful in grabbing tiny Bambi.

The young child has been taken into custody and returned to his mother securely. It appears that the mother had jumped over a high fence near the highway.

This is really touching and serves as a reminder that we all work together to protect the nature in New England when an animal has to be rescued!

This animal rescue ought to be documented!

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