Artist Transforms 110-Year-Old Tree Into The Most Enchanting Free Library(video)

Happy reading, everyone who like books! The public can visit Idaho's most enchanted tiny library. The library is unlike any other since it is constructed from a hollowed-out tree and is a "branch" of the nonprofit organization Free Little Library. Its glass display allows readers to glimpse its books, and its rows of shelves and attractive lighting entice them to peruse its offerings.

A more than 110-year-old cottonwood tree that was planted next to Sharalee Armitage Howard's family house in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, started to deteriorate in 2018, the artist learned. The Howard family was forced to remove the majority of the tree because its falling branches posed a risk. But what they left behind is a stump that is at least twice as tall as a person. They hollowed it out and fitted shelving and functional lighting. They painted a door and erected a roof, both in green. Sharalee then adorned the top of the door with little wooden books bearing titles like "Call of the Wild" and "The Hobbit." For convenient access, stone stairs also climb up from the sidewalk to the tree entrance.

Sharalee made the decision to work with Free Little Library, a non-profit dedicated to creating community book exchanges that is situated in Hudson, Wisconsin. Founded in 2009, it bills itself as the world's largest book-sharing network. Currently, 88 nations are home to more than 75,000 Free Little Libraries. The majority of these "libraries" resemble lavish bird homes stocked with books and are often considerably smaller than Sharalee's tree library.

To get started, participants can either acquire a prefab kit from Free Little Library or construct their own libraries. After registering their library with Free Little Library, they will receive a sign announcing their formal status as Library Stewards along with a special number. Kit purchases by stewards result in automatic registration.

The public has embraced Sharalee's tree library, praising its adorably charming and rustic appearance. "The engraved wooden volumes give me a heart palpitation. One follower said, "Sometimes the little things have the biggest effects," in response to pictures Sharalee posted on her Facebook page in December 2018.

"I adore it! It is really lovely and practical. In our area, there are little free libraries where you can check out books or give them. The neighbors are adoring them even though they are not quite as elaborate as yours, a another admirer commented.

It's not only Sharalee who has a fascinating Free Little Library. Bookworms all throughout America and even the UK have constructed Free Little Libraries that are modeled like the science fiction Tardis time machine from the television show "Doctor Who." Like Sharalee's Free Little Library, several of them garnered coverage from the local media. A "Harry Potter" motif, Lego houses, and British phone booths are a few more intriguing library ideas.

It is possible for library patrons to take and/or leave books. The library is run on an honor basis, meaning that patrons are under no obligation to return books before the end of the day. Those who visit the library often are asked to donate books so that it maintains a respectable collection of books.

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