Golden Retriever Happy To Play ‘Mom’ To Baby Bunnies Who Cuddle Up To Him(video)

Bailey is the epitome of a "Good Boy," a gorgeous and affectionate golden retriever. The internet is going crazy about his amazing attitude and kindness toward all animals, no matter how large or tiny. Since his adventures were posted on his own YouTube channel, the adorable dog, who resides in Costa del Sol, Spain with his humans, has gained over 500,000 subscribers who adore his videos of other fur babies, including kittens, puppies, and even chicks. The internet is enamored with Bailey's interactions with her 22 adopted bunnies, though.

He is devoted to his housemates, the bunnies. You know, Bailey's parents like all animals, and they frequently adopt and nurture birds as well as other animals. Their four-legged little kid must have picked up on their soft, caring demeanor since he also adores his bunnies. In fact, it appears like both him and the bunnies believe he is their mother.

That makes sense in a way. Bailey dwarfs them in size. He exudes warmth and love. Above all, he plays and even cuddles with them. They love Bailey so much that they sleep with him next to them for warmth. Sometimes they even hop all over him. Nothing makes Bailey happier than to spend time with them, frequently on his people' beds.

Bailey never acts hostilely toward the bunnies. The same way a mother dog adopts the puppies in her own litter, he has accepted them. Even if Bailey occasionally playsfully nuzzles or grooms them, they are never in danger when they are with him.

The kind and gentle disposition of the retriever is aptly shown in a touching video uploaded to the "This is Bailey" YouTube channel. Bailey may be seen lounging on a bed with many of the twenty-two newborn bunnies that his owner recently adopted. Bailey watched them carefully as they ran around, pushing them when needed and kissing them as though he had been their mother for years. Later, the footage revealed that Bailey was also watching a small blue and white budgie in addition to the adorable bunny bunnies. The young bunnies appeared to be very comfortable around Bailey, and once they had worn themselves out, they started cuddling up under her golden hair to get some rest.

It's easy to understand why the endearing video, titled "Cute Baby Bunnies think the Golden Retriever is their Mother," has received an incredible 12 million views since it was posted in May 2020. Bailey captivated the audience; one admirer exclaimed, "Just overdosed on cuteness!" How kind of a soul Bailey is. Gorgeous.

Another individual made a comment on how content all of the animals, including the bird, seemed.

Bailey must be the most amazing dog ever; he is so peaceful, kind, patient, and understanding of any small animal that enters his area, and I think that's why they're there in the first place.

And Bailey has made friends with more than just birds and bunnies. More of his adorably funny hangouts with his similarly adorable pals may be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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