Homeless Man Gets Thousands In Donations After Returning Woman's $4,000 Ring She Dropped In His Cup

Few things make you feel better than witnessing someone receive the assistance they so well deserve. These happy-ever-after tales ought to be told so that others could be motivated to act altruistically as well. Billy Ray Harris, a homeless man from Kansas City, was living on a street corner in 2013 when Sarah Darling unintentionally put her wedding band into his contribution cup. After having the ring appraised and learning he could get $4,000 for it, Harris ultimately concluded it would be best to give it back to Darling.

Because of Harris's candor, Darling and her fiancé, Bill Krejci, were so moved and motivated to help him get back on his feet that they created an online fundraising campaign. They raised almost $180,000 in only six months, well exceeding their initial $1,000 target. People from all around the world donated to Harris because they were inspired by his noble deeds and wanted to support him.

Harris was able to put down a down payment on a property and purchase a car thanks to the generosity of other strangers. The man is really appreciative of the chance to start living again, but he is even more appreciative of how all of this care enabled him to come back in touch with his family. Harris's siblings, who reside in Texas, had not heard from him in ten years, so they were unaware that he was still alive. They were able to get back in touch after watching him on the news for his kind gesture, and now Harris is surrounded by family once more.

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Despite all of the favorable publicity, Harris has maintained his modesty. He stated that all he thought he was doing was being appreciative. In 2013, Harris said to Today, "I am not trying to say that I am (a) saint, but I am no devil either."

Because of his sincere deeds, Darling and her fiancé consider Harris to be an angel. They created an online fund for him because they wanted to support him in some manner."We have a $1,000 target," Darling stated. "We organized it because many individuals who were moved by the narrative indicated a desire to assist Billy Ray."

Like everyone else, Harris found homelessness difficult, and he was relieved that those days were behind. "When I think of the past, I think, thank God that it's over," he said. "I mean, I feel human now." By year's end, Harris was working part-time and reconnecting with his family. Over the year, his life took a drastic turn for the worst.

Harris said that year that he was still residing in Kansas City and that several of the people who had assisted him while he was homeless still saw him and were encouraged by his honesty. "I still see some of the same people, but now they shake my hand and say 'hey, good job,' instead of coming up and giving me change," he added.

Now that the struggles of the past are behind him, Harris is prepared to enjoy the remainder of his life. He replied, "This is what they refer to as the American Dream." "I want to express my gratitude to everyone who supported me. I want them to understand the purpose of all their hard work, good fortune, and generosity.

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