Elderly Woman Living In Hospice Was Happy After Getting One Last Chance To See A Horse(video)

Animals are wonderful friends because they provide those around them inexplicable delight and emotional support. For this reason, when someone is unwell and likely to die soon, many wish to spend one final moment with their cherished animal companion.

This is what occurred to Jackie Stalter, an older woman who was diagnosed with renal failure and multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that arises from plasma cells in a person's bone marrow.

Her family made the decision to put her into a hospice as soon as she become ill, allowing medical staff to take care of her and make sure she was receiving the care she need. Horses, which had grown to be a significant part of her life, seemed to be missing even if her loved ones were all around her.

In November 2023, Stalter participated in an interview with 9News that was uploaded on the network's YouTube account. During the discussion, the elderly woman said that horses were similar to people in that "they love the way people love, they care the way people care."

According to a 2015 article by Deer Creek Structures, horses are among the most devoted creatures one may ever meet, thus it seems the old lady was right.

Their excellent memory makes them excellent friends; in fact, the majority of them can recall someone they've known for a very long time.

According to the publication, when humans treat horses well, the horses will reciprocate.

To offer Stalter a final opportunity to spend time with a horse, a chaplain employed by Advent Health Porter Hospice made every effort to get in touch with anyone who could assist them in obtaining a horse. Thankfully, Praying Hands Ranch stepped in to help.

When the two first met, the ranch provided a brown horse, and the elderly woman replied, "If I could. I would confront him.

Stalter welcomed the mare with a gentle "oh baby," and the animal approached her without any fuss, suggesting that she had a natural bond with horses.

In the video, Stalter was seen seated in a wheelchair with her daughter sitting next to her, clearly emotional as she recognized the importance of this particular moment.

The daughter said, "That's really special that we were able to share that with her because this is probably the last time she'll get to see a horse."

Stalter's child went on to say that she had been attempting to set up a meeting with a horse for her mother ever since she fell ill.

Regarding the work of the Praying Hands Ranch, the daughter remarked, "It just really shows my family that there are kind people out there that care for more than just themselves and like to see other people happy."

Later in the video, Stalter—who rode a horse for the first time at the age of three—is prodded along the road by the animal while it walks beside her, and she looks to be enjoying their time together.

"Any horse can excite me." It's a gift every time I get to touch a horse, the woman remarked.

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