Woman's Husband Dumps Her After Learning She's Pregnant With Quintuplets, But 7 Years Later She & Kids Are Thriving(video)

These days, with the soaring expenditures of living and raising children, family planning is crucial. Because that was the amount they could afford to raise comfortably, Oksana Kobletskaya of Ukraine and her husband Sergey decided to have just two children when they first got married. The couple, who already had a daughter who is three years old, made the difficult decision to add another child to their little family after what happened.

Oksana and Sergey were thrilled to learn they would be having more than one child when Oksana fell pregnant again at the age of 36.

Oksana remarked, "None of our families had ever had twins." "I was positive I would never encounter anything similar."

But the pair was in for a far larger surprise. When Oksana arrived at the hospital for her usual ultrasound scan, she saw that the attending physician was taken aback. Says she:

"My heart briefly stopped as I noticed the shocked expression on the doctor's face. Subsequently, I caught her whisper, "You ought to have a lakefront home for this."

When the doctor turned to face the pregnant mother, it was clear why. Her diagnosis from the physician was as follows:

She declared, "I can clearly see five fetuses." "Hard to say... maybe six."

The bizarre event quickly became known throughout the institution. As it happened, this was something that none of the physicians had ever seen before. It seems sense that Oksana and her spouse were taken aback.

"It was as though I was having a bad dream. I was anticipating waking up at any time," Oksana said.

The pair came to the realization that their entire future plan needed to alter.

"Believing it was difficult," Sergey remarked. Such news takes time to process. How is it possible for someone to care for that many kids, really?

Sergey did the unthinkable out of worry. He ended his relationship with his wife when she was carrying their quintuplets, leaving Oksana to raise the kids by herself.

When her contractions began at 30 weeks pregnant, the mother of six went to the hospital. After receiving her, she underwent a cesarean section by eight doctors.

"They were very careful with me; they treated me like I was made of porcelain," Oksana remarked.

She said this in an interview with Oksana on the rationale behind her ex-husband's departure.

Maybe he realized he couldn't handle it. She emphasized, "He was terrified and stated that I was the smartest and had to answer.

Many people were affected by Oksana's tale, and as a result, she got numerous donations from kindhearted individuals. Her husband came home as a result of this, but after they argued the first day, he left and never came back.

All of her toddlers have developed into gorgeous children years later. With the assistance of her mother, the supermom raised all of kids by herself. Oksana expressed her happiness with her blessings in the same interview.

It proved to be my greatest joy and my reward. I was waiting for this miracle, and I believe that God has somehow prepared me," she pondered.

One in every 55 million births is a quintuplet, making them extremely uncommon. In the meanwhile, the Mirror claims that Oksana and Sergey's quintuplets are the first to be born in Ukraine.

But when the crisis in Ukraine started, the family moved to Portugal to live as refugees.

Still, the mother of five uses her Facebook and Instagram pages to update her admirers on the twins.

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