Terri Irwin Clears Up Rumors Regarding Her Love Life(photo)

The renowned crocodile hunter, Steve Irwin, fell away in a horrific diving mishap in the Great Barrier Reef off the Australian coast seventeen years ago. Since then, the Australia Zoo, which is located near Brisbane, Queensland, has carried on Steve's legacy under the direction of his widow Terri Irwin and their two children, Robert and Bindi Irwin.

Although Bindi is most known for her childhood, the 23-year-old married her fiancé Chandler Powell in a covert ceremony at Australia Zoo last year. Due to the epidemic, they had to postpone their grand wedding of 200 guests in favor of a smaller, more intimate gathering of only three people: Terri, Robert, and Wes Mannion, Steve's best friend. Bindi's wedding attire, which "mimicked" her mother's garment and "reminded me of my family and my dad," is what's most heartwarming about it. It was inspired by her father.

Additionally, earlier this year, Bindi and Chandler had their first child. On March 25, 2021, she gave birth daughter Grace Warrior Irwin Powell, and ever then, she has shared special moments on social media.

But lately, Terri has been the focus of the media. The widow has been romantically linked to several well-known men in recent years, and she has now spoken up about the rumors. During an interview with the Courier Mail, a local Brisbane newspaper, Terri talked about her romantic relationships and candidly said that she was only interested in Steve.

Terri discussed the accusations that she had dated everyone from Russell Crowe to John Travolta in an interview with the Courier Mail. She stated to the newspaper:

"I've given up keeping track of all the men I should have dated... John Travolta is a relatively recent addition to the group.

She went on:

However, as I've said time and again—and perhaps after 15 years, people are beginning to believe me—Steve was the right person for me. That's the nature of things. My love was so great that it might have lasted a lifetime."

She has been connected to several well-known celebrities than Travolta. Terri has had to maintain her distance from Australian star Russell Crowe for a long time. She has stated time and time again that they are simply pals. She stated on Access Hollywood in 2017, according to a Us Weekly report:

"To be honest, Russell and Steve were friends for a long time. After Steve died away, you realize who your real friends are. Russell has also been a wonderful buddy and really dependable."

But she has had to dispel speculations about other well-known guys in addition to those two. Terri has also been connected to the ladies' man Shane Warne, an Australian professional cricket player. An unidentified source said that Terri and the cricketer "secretly fell in love" after meeting in 2016 on the set of the reality show "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!" Women's Day published an article on their purported romance.

Women's Day was told by the unidentified "insider":

"As soon as she heard Shane Warne speak, Terri had butterflies."

They further said:

"He was funny, charming, and Australian as they come — she was instantly transported back to when she met her husband."

Terri discussed the fact that she's been connected to "25 men" according to different stories, even though she hasn't specifically addressed her supposed links to Warne. During the Courier Mail interview, she stated:

"I have dated twenty-five males thus far. I've maintained tabs on it since I find it humorous. Looks like it's all the Hogans, including Russell Crowe, Paul and Hulk, and most recently, Richard Wilkins."

Terri has been pictured in official situations alongside Wilkins, an Australian entertainment reporter. She made the observation that it's almost laughable how many males she's been connected to recently. However, it appears that the mother of two was telling the truth when she declared Steve was the right man for her. Terri hasn't been seen dating anybody else in public since his tragic death in 2006.

Terri, an Oregonian naturalist, went to the Australia Zoo on a business trip in 1991, and that's how the pair first met. It was love at first sight. Terri once stated in a Who Magazine interview:

"I believed that nobody in the entire world was like this. He had the voice of an enormous superhero, an environmental Tarzan."

The next year, the couple were married, and a few years later, they had Robert and Bindi. They shared their passion of the natural environment and animals with the world while working together at the Australia Zoo.

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