Bullied Woman With Down Syndrome Persevered And Is Now The Face Of Fashion Campaigns(photo)

As a typical teenager, Grace Strobel grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. Grace, 26, was tormented by those who didn't comprehend that she had Down syndrome despite the love and support of her family. Grace was the first American Down syndrome model to endorse a skin care brand.

Despite being one of the most widespread impairments in the country, Down syndrome is rarely accurately depicted in the media. As a result of their underrepresentation in the entertainment sector, persons with disabilities are seen as aberrant in today's society.

Children frequently dread or dislike things they don't comprehend, and these feelings can be lifelong. Disabilities and people who are different from the ordinary person should be made aware to our young. Such occurrences, like the one that led Grace's mother, Linda, to take action, can be avoided by being educated.

After the bullying episode, Linda Strobel made the decision to step in and support her daughter, according to NBC news. They developed The Grace Effect, a collection of talks on impairments. These presentations not only increased understanding of Grace's impairment but also of others. Grace made the decision to stand up for all individuals with her disability as a result of her experience.

She has emerged as a role model for others who are disabled, demonstrating that everyone can realize their potential.

Grace came upon Ellie Goldstein, a model, one day while surfing the web. Ellie had excelled in the fashion industry despite having Down syndrome, even posing for Gucci cosmetics. When Linda asked her mother whether she could become a model, she was excited.

Grace's first picture session marked the start of a new profession in 2018. She now works for three agencies after her images went viral. Grace has furthermore made appearances on "The Today Show," according to Forbes, and in a few periodicals.

She is well-known for appearing in Lady Gaga's cosmetics and taking part in an Alivia commercial. Grace's profession is ideal for this company, which has always assisted disabled artists. She is really proud of her daughter, who now stands in for a company that values and respects persons with disabilities.

Grace was the first American model with Down syndrome to promote a skin care company when she took part in Obagi's "skinclusion" campaign.

Grace first met Rihanna in February 2022. Rihanna is the face of the Fenty clothing line.

Grace might have easily retreated from the bullying and hatred she experienced as a youngster, but she made the decision to confront everything head-on. She became stronger and more motivated to spread awareness for those like her as a result of the experiences she had. She hopes that by sharing her story, it may encourage kids going through similar things.

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