Arkansas woman with disabilities spreads joy by writing letters to strangers(video)

One Arkansas lady is working to promote love through handwritten letters in spite of her personal struggles.

PRAIRIE GROVE Disability Pride Month is in July. This month marks the anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, a historic statute that guarantees that all Americans benefit from the skills of those with disabilities and extends civil rights protection to them.

Allison Bond, a remarkable 25-year-old who was born with mild cerebral palsy and other developmental delays, got the opportunity to sit down and speak with 5NEWS.

She claims that unlike what some people may believe, impairments don't keep you from succeeding. She is demonstrating this every day, word by letter.

"I missed two or more weeks of school since many students had COVID, and I decided that I would change the world by sending a lot of letters to different individuals."

Her initiative, Kindness Through Letters, was launched by that impromptu thinking a little more than a year ago.

Well, Allison added, "I started with writing about troops and inmates.

She quickly became aware that she was having an impact.

"It was amazing to see the first letter they wrote and sent back. I have one that a soldier gave me that he had all of his combat mates sign; I framed it so I could hang it, she added.

Allison has retained every response she has received in the 14 months since she started writing letters, which is a significant number given that she has sent more than a thousand letters in total.

She remarked, "I'm simply trying to brighten people's days a little bit."

It's the support Allison's grandmother provided her just before she died. "She advised me to maintain being morally upright."

Cathy, Allison's mother, claimed that her daughter detested writing as a child.

But today, it serves as a means of social interaction rather than merely a hobby.

I like seeing people smile and showing God's love to people who would not otherwise experience it, said Cathy.

extending love to those who are closest to her as well as to strangers.

She is really happy, and seeing her happy makes me very happy as well, said Cathy.

Currently, Allison has 600 letters ready to be distributed to recipients. She claimed that she writes something unique in each and that she hopes to one day connect with every American.

Visit the Kindness Through Letters movement's Facebook page for more information or to support Allison's cause. There, you can find links to Allison's social media accounts and a wish list where you may donate money to buy stationery.

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