Mel Gibson Is A Proud Dad To Nine Kids—Meet His Large Family( 7 photos)

In addition to his lengthy and distinguished career in Hollywood, actor Mel Gibson has found great success in another area of his life: raising a family. Mel Gibson has nine kids from three previous relationships, so she understands what it means to have a big family. Here, we examine his offspring and the life paths they have selected.

Mel Gibson began his acting career in Australia and has been in the business for more than 40 years. Following his 1977 graduation from the nation's esteemed National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA) in Sydney, he proceeded to feature in a number of national plays and motion pictures, including the Mad Max trilogy and Gallipoli (1981). Not long after, the aspiring actor relocated to Hollywood, where his career continued to flourish.

Although he starred in a number of domestic films, Lethal Weapon from 1987 was the film that made him a household name. Gibson's image was further solidified in the ensuing ten years by his roles in films like Braveheart, Payback, What Women Want, and the Lethal Weapon sequels.

But Gibson's personal life was as fulfilling as his career was. Gibson is really a proud father of nine kids, which is no minor accomplishment! The majority of his children were born to Robyn Moore Gibson, his first wife, whom he wed in 1980 and had their first kid with. They were married for several decades. Witnessing Mel Gibson's ascent to stardom in Hollywood, Robyn Moore Gibson and her husband had seven children together before divorcing in 2011. Robyn Moore Gibson is entitled to half of her ex husband's $850 million wealth. The deal is regarded as the largest divorce payout in Hollywood history.

Mel Gibson started dating Russian pianist Oksana Grigorieva in 2009, when his previous marriage was going through divorce processes. He had his eighth kid with her. However, the relationship was enmeshed in nasty claims and ended after just one year in 2010. Grigorieva said that Gibson had physically abused her and that they occasionally had restraining orders against each other.

Gibson ultimately reached a settlement with Grigorieva and had well-known allies, such as Whoopi Goldberg and Jodie Foster, stand up for him. Gibson discussed the subject in a candid interview with Deadline Hollywood, saying:

"To date, I have never mistreated or discriminated against someone because of their gender, color, religion, or sexual orientation. However, I don't blame some people for believing it based on the edited tapes that were leaked and the nonsense they heard. You need to put everything in the correct perspective of wanting to leave a very bad relationship and being in an unreasonable, furious argument at the height of a breakdown. It's a single, horribly horrible thing that happened to one individual in the course of a single day, and it has nothing to do with my actual beliefs or the way I've always treated people."

Then, in 2014, Mel Gibson got to know Rosalind Ross, a writer and former equestrian, who is now his partner. Despite the 34-year age difference between Gibson, 64, and Ross, 30, the actor has vehemently defended their relationship. According to The Mirror, he expressed the following views on their age gap:

In terms of relationships and age, age is only a number. We delve into one another. We get along well, and she is an adult. Although there is some concern that these items may cause issues, everything is going well. She truly is a unique individual. I adore her. That's all, then. That is all. What more is there to ask for?

The actor's ninth kid, a girl, was brought into the family in 2017, and the pair seems to be doing well. Mel Gibson made a joke to Entertainment Tonight after he welcomed his ninth child, saying he was the parent of more children than Clint Eastwood, who is also well-known for having a large family. He declared:

"Clint and I spoke the other day." "How many kids do you have?" I asked. "Eight," he exclaimed. I'm thus defeating him.

See if the actor's kids have inherited their well-known father's style by getting to know each of them.

Two of Mel Gibson's nine children are twins, in case you were unaware! Born in 1982, Christian Gibson is one of Mel Gibson's twin sons. Before making his big Hollywood move, Christian Gibson's father continued to play mostly in Australian cinema, where he was born, as was his twin brother.

Christian Gibson has followed in the footsteps of his older sister Hannah Gibson, who chose to work in the entertainment sector rather than pursue their father's acting career. In addition to working on his dad's films Daddy's Home 2 and Hacksaw Ridge, he is a camera operator.

Gibson, Edward

Edward Gibson, Christian Gibson's twin brother, is half of him. Edward Gibson, the eldest of Mel Gibson's children, has defied the norm and chosen not to pursue a career in show business. Edward Gibson, on the other hand, has chosen a more quiet life than his siblings and is the proprietor of a furniture business called Natural Edge, which specializes in bespoke wood slab pieces.

Gibson, William

Following in the footsteps of his older brother Edward Gibson, William Gibson has similarly eschewed the spotlight for a secluded existence. Edward was born in 1985, making him the third son and fourth child of Mel and Robyn Moore Gibson. He lives such a peaceful life that no pictures of him are available.

Milo Gibson

Maybe you are familiar with Milo Gibson? The younger Mel Gibson impersonator has even followed in his father's footsteps by becoming an actor, but not before attempting a few other careers. Milo described how his father helped him change occupations in an interview with The Hollywood Reporter:

"Doing what you love is what matters most. Try new things and keep trying new things, but don't stop doing what your dad says. And I carried it out. I worked at a lot of different occupations, but none of them was what I wanted to do forever. Additionally, I adore performing and have a strong enthusiasm for it."

In the movie Hacksaw Ridge, which was also directed by his father Mel, he made his acting debut. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, he stated:

"I had a great time working with him. The actor-director dynamic was quite evident."

Since then, he has starred in films such as Hurricane and Gangster Land, where he played mob lord Al Capone and All the Devil's Men. His brother Louis Gibson is co-directing the film Manifest West, which he will be in next!

Milo genuinely didn't want to be an actor at first and took a few fairly odd professional routes before settling on being a Hollywood leading man, even though he works in the family company now. In the same interview with Entertainment Tonight, Milo disclosed that he worked for two years as a massage therapist following high school graduation. While not the most glamorous job, it is undoubtedly beneficial. However, he made an even more surprising job change and worked as an electrician for five years! Although he stated it was a lot of fun, he didn't want to do it forever. Thus, the decision to finally act. What a strong resume!

Thomas Gibson

The youngest child of Mel and Robyn Moore Gibson is Thomas Gibson. He recently received his college degree in 2017, however it's unclear what kind of profession he wants to pursue—whether it's a career in Hollywood like his family or something more private.

Gibson Lucia

Lucia, Mel Gibson's only child with Oksana Grigorieva, was born in 2009. She is still a little child and is not often seen in public, but she occasionally appears in pictures beside her well-known father.

Lars Gibson

Lars Gibson is his father's ninth child and the only child of Mel Gibson and Rosalind Ross together. Though still a toddler, the youngster was born in January 2017 and is frequently spotted out and about in Los Angeles with his parents. Mel Gibson appears to be content once more, accompanied by his son Lars and his present companion Rosalind Ross.

Hannah Gibson

Hannah Gibson, Mel Gibson's eldest child by his ex-wife Robyn Moore Gibson, was born in 1980. Despite not deciding to follow in her well-known father's footsteps and become an actress, she did follow him into the entertainment industry, doing cosmetics for his movie What Women Want.

Following their marriage to musician Kenny Wayne Shepherd, the pair has welcomed a daughter and two sons into their household. Hannah Gibson's IMDb page states that she and her spouse were joined in marriage in the Holy Family Catholic Church in Agoura Hills, California—a church that her father had constructed. Their conventional ceremony was conducted entirely in Latin.

Louis Gibson

Louis Gibson, the other child of Mel and Robyn Moore Gibson, was born in Australia in 1988 and has also followed their well-known father into the entertainment industry. But Louis would rather remain in front of the camera than be on television. Even so, Louis attended Chapman University, where he earned a BFA in film production. In addition to collaborating on the 2017 film Happy Hunting as co-writer and co-director, he is now producing the 2021 release Manifest West.
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