Mom Taught Son To Do Household Chores At An Early Age Because ‘Household Work Isn’t Just For Women’

Teaching kids how to do housework is not a novel concept. Actually, a lot of parents all over the world have been teaching their children how to run errands or get things done around the house for a long time. Naturally, every parent teaches their children to be responsible in a different way. Finally, though, one parent has made it clear that it's crucial to educate your kids how to take care of the house—and for all the right reasons.

Nikkole Ledda, a mother of three and content producer from Michigan, posted a picture of her six-year-old son scrubbing dishes on social media in 2016.

Ledda clarified that, in contrast to popular belief, domestic chores are not exclusively the domain of women. Above all, though, it's not just about assigning him a chore to help him with the workload at home—it's also about imparting a valuable lesson.

"I instruct my son in cooking and doing housework. Why? Since domestic duties aren't exclusive to women," she started.

Ledda continued by noting that her son will gain from learning how to take care of the home in the long term, regardless of whether he decides to get married or not.

"Because he might eventually be a single man living alone and capable of doing his own laundry and not ordering takeout every night." For he could wish to wow a certain someone one day with a home-cooked supper. Because he will eventually need to help out around the house when he has a partner and children," she remarked.

Ledda also mentioned that she felt it was her duty to educate her children how to conduct domestic duties because schools no longer teach them how to do them.

"Because I come from a generation of individuals who lament that we weren't taught how to cook, clean, tie a tie, or file taxes in school. For it is my responsibility to educate my kid these skills and how to contribute to society both within and outside the house," the mother remarked.

Ledda added that teaching her child how to do dishes at a young age wasn't a means to take away from his childhood, despite the fact that some people would disagree with her choice.

"Because it's okay to let your child be a child but still teach them lifelong lessons along the way," she continued.

She continued by saying that her kid will not become any less of a man by learning how to conduct home duties.

"My son will never be too "manly" to perform household chores or cook." He'll be the type of man who can check on his pot roast from inside after changing a tire. Who can mow the grass and correctly sort his clothes at the same time? Recall, parents, that a guy who feels he shouldn't have to cook or clean house was once a little child who had no better instruction," she said.

Following its viral release, Ledda's post received thousands of likes, comments, and shares on Facebook. As of this writing, her message had received over 159,000 replies and 64,000 shares.

In the comments, Ledda also included a picture of her son enjoying video games, reminding her fans that it's crucial to give youngsters a reward after a difficult effort. "He relaxes after his chores with some video games," she stated.

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