89-Year-Old Woman Knitted 450 Blankets And Coats For Shelter Dogs

There are plenty of chances available at nearby rescue groups to help with shelter animals.

There are many of options and methods available if you're seeking for chances to work with animals at shelters. There are several volunteer opportunities available to support local rescues; whether it's walking dogs, fostering, kennel cleaning, or helping with adoption events, most of them are grateful for any assistance.

However, a British woman has discovered a really inventive approach to help animals in need: she knits blankets and sweaters for them!

Over the years, Maisie Green has made hundreds of dog sweaters and blankets using her knitting abilities. All of them have been donated by her to the UK's canines Trust Basildon shelter's rescue canines.

In the following Dogs Trust Instagram image, 89-year-old Maisie is shown standing proudly in front of her knitted crafts for the rescue animals:

"I love knitting and I love dogs, so this combines both wonderfully," she said to the Dogs Trust Basildon. A blanket takes me three days to knit, while a dog coat takes me one day.

She obviously likes assisting the puppies in need as they search for their permanent homes because of all that knitting. Maisie knits in large quantities, and her family assists her in making the three-yearly trek to the shelter to drop off her donations of knitted items.

She also added that she feels more purposeful now that she is working on knitting projects.

It keeps me occupied, and I frequently enjoy knitting while watching TV. I'm thrilled to be of assistance in any way to the center's four-legged inhabitants," she remarked.

By December 2018, Maisie had crocheted 450 garments for the shelter animals to keep them warm, according to Dogs Trust Basildon.

Whether the goods are from Maisie or someplace else, the dogs at the shelter seem to adore receiving knitted stuff. They also look adorable when they use them.

Look at this adorable puppy from Dogs Trust all cuddled up with a crocheted blanket:

And this other dog, curled up behind a vibrant blanket, looks so comfortable:

One of the biggest dog rescue groups in the United Kingdom, Dogs Trust cares for more than 16,000 stray and abandoned dogs annually. The group provides volunteers with several opportunities to participate.

And Maisie Green is really giving back in such a lovely way with what she is doing. Without a doubt, the animals are grateful for all of her fantastic gifts!

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